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Developing Innovation

At Indevii we know the importance of helping companies accelerate the adoption of new technologies, solve complex problems that always arise during digital evolution and promote continuous innovation. If you are here, it is because you are thinking of innovating.

Whether it is a consumer-oriented application or a business-class transformative solution, we take care of the planning, execution, monitoring and delivery, providing continuous support to our customers.

What services do we offer in DAD?

Smart Design

UX & UI Design

We design technological experiences with IMC (Integrated Marketing Communications) tools, what is the result of mixing a programmer with a marketer?

Mobility and Usability

Custom Apps

The use of mobile devices will help your company optimize operations, add value to modern and demanding customers and help you tackle Big Data. 



Learn about how to solve situations and problems with the development of business software, API integration, legacy system modernization and application portfolio consolidation.

Do you have a technological project in mind? Let us help you achieve your goals and objectives.

UX & UI Design

We have devised quality standards to quantify the effectiveness of a design. We use comprehensive graphic review systems, the best tools and a team of highly trained designers in user experience. As a result, you get a skilled and organized team that knows what to do.

Thanks to our Integrated Marketing Communications Know-How, you will get an attractive and easy-to-use final product on all platforms.

Our reach and capabilities:

Software & App Development

Your company or organization requires a reliable business software solution to support its numerous operations. If you need to scale, coordinate other software and mobile applications, incorporate advanced technology and cover an extensive list of other objectives, do not worry, we are at your service.

How far can we go?

Augmented Reality (AR)

Build 3D prototypes in AR, implement learning, education and training software in AR. The technology will increase the efficiency of your operations and help optimize costs.

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Use AI-based algorithms to automate operations, obtain Big Data information, ensure fail-safe decisions in processes and much more.

Internet of Things (IoT)

Thanks to the new information technologies you can use IoT devices to constantly monitor your operations. Collect Big Data and apply it in different scenarios and situations.


Use solid payment processing in your digital and technological ecosystem. Automate the way you earn income by globalizing your company’s operations.

[Cloud Computing]

Use our cloud solutions from Microsoft Azure, Google and AWS, provided by our partner Dataguard. Make your business environment flexible, scalable and connected.

More information

How we develop your project?

DAD Methodology


  • Analyzing your requirements.
  • Defining the work team.
  • Creation of technical documents of the project.
  • Designing the bases (UX / UI).


  • PMI and Scrum methodology.
  • Periodic advances in weekly performance and development.
  • Product launch and implementation.


  • Continuous server monitoring.
  • Designated team to fix details.
  • General support.

Software & Technologies

We use cutting-edge technology, knowledge and experience to deliver a product that meets quality standards. We use different tools that are consistent with the needs of our customers.

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