What makes us different?

We are an Indie Tech Company

The initiative stems from the concept of independence. “Indie” or independent is born from a culture that is composed of young people and adolescents who share a style, an ideology, a representation, and a way of life characterized by their way of being and their different ways of sending a message to society. Thus, being a unique and different style from the rest, resulting in creativity, independence and rejection of the established. It is a culture that seeks to mix different modern and retro trends in search of its own style.

Indevii was born, deciphering its meaning as: “Creativity outside the established integrating development and innovation”. Breaking down into: “in” (Indie), “dev” (from English development) and “ii” as integration and innovation.



Set aside old school paradigms and develop a strategic backbone that allows our clients to innovate the way they communicate with their segments and key audience.



To be the pioneers of the implementation of integrated communication strategies in digital ecosystems, emphasizing innovation through new information and communication technologies at a regional level.

Technology now connects us easier,

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